Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 7

Basically, on that week we were taught about audio editing in which through it we can remove the unwanted sounds and noises in recordings. I am interested in this topic because all of this while I have been wondered on how to remove the unwanted sounds and noises. Hence, this is the time for me to explore and discover it better. We were introduced to a few software that can be helpful in removing those distracters. I feel audio editing is crucial to us as teachers. This is where it can be used if we want to let our pupils to listen songs, etc that we recorded from somewhere. Thus, we can make use of audio editing to clear up the distracters in the songs so that the qualities of the recordings are improved. The pupils will be able to listen to the songs clearly without the distractions. In order to enhance our skills on audio editing, we were assigned with individual and group work. Through tutorials given, we will be able to learn how to use audio editing software in depth.