Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Week 5

Adobe photoshop is something new for me as I have never encountered it before. Adobe photoshop is used to edit, delete, add or modify pictures to make it more attractive, beautiful, etc. Pn. foziah showed us examples of edited pictures that used adobe photoshop. The pictures were marvelous. The original and edited ones were put side by side so that we can see clearly the differences. And truly, the edited ones were much more better than the originals. Then, we were given tutorial on adobe photoshop to be completed. I went through the tutorials and I saw many things can be done to modify the pictures. The tutorial will be useful for us as the skills we gain will last long. Then, it’s the time for us to give a try on adobe photoshop. Unfortunately, the desktops in makmal computer were not installed with adobe photoshop. Therefore, we used other software to modify pictures which is Fxphoto. Hence, after trying on the software I have the gist on how to modify pictures. I feel this photo editing is really fun and interesting. I am going to enjoy it a lot!!