Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week 8

It has been the second week of fasting month... In two weeks time we will be in Raya month. How fast time flies....This year is my first time fasting in UM...The first time I went to bazaar near my rental house, I felt so awkward as I am not familiar to the atmosphere....It took me a few days to adapt and get used with the new place.... As I am sailing through this course, I have learned a lot of things to equip myself as future teacher. To be a teacher, it is not easy as we have to equip and update ourselves with current relevant skills and knowledge to face 21st century kids....Thus, resource class is really helping me to be a 21st century teacher...Talking about resource class on last Thursday, we had assigned to work in groups and prepared power point presentations based on the topics given...In my group, we have divided our the work so that we will be able to finish it on time...My group members gave their fullest cooperation to work on the task...Besides that, on that day we also had submitted the group and individual tutorials on photo editing, e-book and audio editing...The tutorials really benefited me as I completed it, I managed to learn and gained the skills better...I feel so happy and relieved as I had submitted everything on the time...I am looking forward to learn new skills in the next class =)