Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 7

Basically, on that week we were taught about audio editing in which through it we can remove the unwanted sounds and noises in recordings. I am interested in this topic because all of this while I have been wondered on how to remove the unwanted sounds and noises. Hence, this is the time for me to explore and discover it better. We were introduced to a few software that can be helpful in removing those distracters. I feel audio editing is crucial to us as teachers. This is where it can be used if we want to let our pupils to listen songs, etc that we recorded from somewhere. Thus, we can make use of audio editing to clear up the distracters in the songs so that the qualities of the recordings are improved. The pupils will be able to listen to the songs clearly without the distractions. In order to enhance our skills on audio editing, we were assigned with individual and group work. Through tutorials given, we will be able to learn how to use audio editing software in depth.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Week 6

The new thing that we learned during week 6 was how to create e-book. Lecture on aspect of literature has been given to guide us creating and selecting books for children. The lecture was very useful to be used as guidance so that we will be able to produce e-book based on criteria given. E-book is one of the alternatives to tell story to children instead of using story books. Then, Pn. Foziah also viewed us several examples of e-book which are good therefore we got better understanding on what e-book is all about. After that, it was the time for us to create our own e-book.

Firstly, we had to choose the targeted group and topic in the syllabus that we wish to create the e-book for. I chose year 3 to be the targeted group and the topic for the e-book is Animals and Pets. Based on the topic chosen, we had to come out with storyboard as a draft and showed it to Pn. Foziah for approval. I would like to thank Pn. Foziah as she gave some ideas to improve on my storyboard so that my story will be more suitable in current context. E-book might look simple to be produced but I am sure that it is not going to be that easy to create it. I hope that I will be able to produce interesting and fun story through e-book. Besides, the e-book that I create will not be wasted as it can be used in my teaching in future.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Week 5

Adobe photoshop is something new for me as I have never encountered it before. Adobe photoshop is used to edit, delete, add or modify pictures to make it more attractive, beautiful, etc. Pn. foziah showed us examples of edited pictures that used adobe photoshop. The pictures were marvelous. The original and edited ones were put side by side so that we can see clearly the differences. And truly, the edited ones were much more better than the originals. Then, we were given tutorial on adobe photoshop to be completed. I went through the tutorials and I saw many things can be done to modify the pictures. The tutorial will be useful for us as the skills we gain will last long. Then, it’s the time for us to give a try on adobe photoshop. Unfortunately, the desktops in makmal computer were not installed with adobe photoshop. Therefore, we used other software to modify pictures which is Fxphoto. Hence, after trying on the software I have the gist on how to modify pictures. I feel this photo editing is really fun and interesting. I am going to enjoy it a lot!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A frustation day

Unfortunately, there was no internet connection in makmal computer. Therefore, the situation made our learning on that day distracted. The failure disabled us to continue doing the tutorial for internet skills. It was really frustrating as I thought that we could complete some of the work on that day. In order not to waste the day and the time, we were assigned to form groups and start working on summary for topic 2. So, we sat in groups and started to read the topic assigned to us. Then, we came out with power point presentation as the summarization of the topic. After we have done with the second topic we were asked to continue doing power point presentations for topic 3 and topic 4. It was good that we had finished the topics in advance so that we can focus on other tasks. It will useful for us as we can present to the class anytime because we have uploaded the power points in the Pn.Foziah's skydrive. For the next coming Thursday I hope that the internet connection will be in a good health so that we can continue learning the next skill which is photo editing...I can’t wait to explore it!! :)