Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A frustation day

Unfortunately, there was no internet connection in makmal computer. Therefore, the situation made our learning on that day distracted. The failure disabled us to continue doing the tutorial for internet skills. It was really frustrating as I thought that we could complete some of the work on that day. In order not to waste the day and the time, we were assigned to form groups and start working on summary for topic 2. So, we sat in groups and started to read the topic assigned to us. Then, we came out with power point presentation as the summarization of the topic. After we have done with the second topic we were asked to continue doing power point presentations for topic 3 and topic 4. It was good that we had finished the topics in advance so that we can focus on other tasks. It will useful for us as we can present to the class anytime because we have uploaded the power points in the Pn.Foziah's skydrive. For the next coming Thursday I hope that the internet connection will be in a good health so that we can continue learning the next skill which is photo editing...I can’t wait to explore it!! :)