Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week 10

I enjoyed celebrating Hari Raya with my family very much... There were lots of my favourite foods during Hari Raya such as rendang, tapai, etc and I couldn’t miss them all... I feel like I don’t want to leave my home.... But what can I do... I have to sacrifice for the sake of my studies.... I still have a few days more to enjoy and spend time with my family... Thus, I will enjoy to the max and use the time left wisely... Talking about resources class last week, we were shown a video clip that was really meaningful to us....The music itself was so touching and left some impact to me....The video clip was about what a man needs from a woman.... After watching it, I realized that there are a lot of things that we can’t take for granted.... I enjoyed a lot watching the video and I feel like watching it again... I am going to get the video clip from computer that Pn. Foziah had inserted... On that day, we were released earlier because many of us were absent.... I am sure that they were all in Raya mood and most of them were back in their hometown already... Thank God, I bought the ticket earlier so that I won’t miss any classes...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Week 9

This week is already week 9. How fast the time flies. Next week I am going back to my hometown to celebrate Hari Raya. I can’t wait for it!! Hehe... I miss my family a lot. Hari Raya is the moment where I am waiting for to gather with my family. I am really missing the preparation for raya with my family especially a day before Raya. My siblings and I will be busy helping our parents to clean and decorate our house, preparing the foods, etc.
Now, I’ll talk about what we have learned during this week. We were shown with examples of interesting videos. Some of them were created by our seniors. I enjoyed a lot watching the videos and I feel like watching them again. Some of the situations really suit what I have gone through. My seniors had done such good jobs and they were so creative to come out with such ideas. So, our task for the week is to produce a video in pairs. During the hours, we were discussing with our partners and poured ideas for our video making. My partner and I have decided on theme love towards animal. The storyline that we planned had received green light by Pn. Foziah. Therefore, we are going to work on the video soon. For the moment, we are working on the storyboard which needs to be done before next class. The storyboard will make our video making easier as it can be used as guidance. Talking about video making, this is the second time I am working on it as before this we had worked on it in other subject. Thus, I can say that we have better experience and ideas to work on the video.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week 8

It has been the second week of fasting month... In two weeks time we will be in Raya month. How fast time flies....This year is my first time fasting in UM...The first time I went to bazaar near my rental house, I felt so awkward as I am not familiar to the atmosphere....It took me a few days to adapt and get used with the new place.... As I am sailing through this course, I have learned a lot of things to equip myself as future teacher. To be a teacher, it is not easy as we have to equip and update ourselves with current relevant skills and knowledge to face 21st century kids....Thus, resource class is really helping me to be a 21st century teacher...Talking about resource class on last Thursday, we had assigned to work in groups and prepared power point presentations based on the topics given...In my group, we have divided our the work so that we will be able to finish it on time...My group members gave their fullest cooperation to work on the task...Besides that, on that day we also had submitted the group and individual tutorials on photo editing, e-book and audio editing...The tutorials really benefited me as I completed it, I managed to learn and gained the skills better...I feel so happy and relieved as I had submitted everything on the time...I am looking forward to learn new skills in the next class =)