Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Third Week

This is the third time I entered resources class. Words that can describe this day are "WOW!!!"...LOTS AND LOTS OF WORKS!!!.... I feel like I am in a war where bullets and bullets are attacking me (to be exaggerated). After we all gathered in the computer lab, Pn. Foziah already warned us that today we have many things to get done. So, I was like kind of mentally prepared to receive loads of works. However, I do realize that tasks that assign to us are for our own good. Thus, I really appreciate what Pn. Foziah has done and I am aware of her good intentions. Firstly, Pn. Foziah asked us to prepare a presentation on how to search MP3 files from the internet. Actually, the presentation is one of the documents that we need to include in our portfolio. This is something new for me as I have never done this before. We have to show steps on how to search for Michael Jackson's last song before he died. At first, I couldn’t imagine how the presentation would be like. I felt that the task is so difficult and I was lost and really tensed up at the moment. However, everything has recovered as Pn. Foziah gave further elaboration about the task. Besides that, I also got help from my friends around me to complete the presentation. And finally, I managed to get it done within the period given. The presentation is the first item that I have completed in the portfolio. There are many more that I have to do and submit it in two weeks more. I hope that I will be able to produce quality and good piece of work for the portfolio.
After that, about less an hour before the class was over, we presented the last week’s group work on the topic Working with Young Language Learners. My group was the first group to present. My group’s presentation was presented by Ismail. I was happy and satisfied with Ismail’s explanations as he clarified the sub topic clearly to the class. Everyone seemed to comprehend and listened attentively to Ismail’s explanations. Then, the other groups presented their sub-topics. From the groups’ presentations, I have clearer idea and understanding about the overall issue in the topic. Here, I would like to thank the groups for their further explanations.

Before the class dismissed, we were assigned in groups to make a summary of syllabus year 1 to year 6. We have to summarize the topics in the syllabus and submit it this coming Monday. My group has to work on Year 1 syllabus. We have not divided the work yet because we don’t even own the text book. So, we will find ways to get the text book either to buy or borrow from library. After that, we will meet up and divide the work within the group. I am eager to start working on the summary as this will be a new experience to me. Wish me luck!