Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Week 14

Surprisingly, it is the last week of the semester already. It means that this course (PBEY3102) has reached the end. I feel so sad when thinking that this course is over.

Talking about the last week of the course, there were nothing much to describe. On that day, Pn. Foziah shared some stories with us that really motivated me to go to overseas. Hopefully, one day I can to abroad to further my studies besides learning about other people’s country. Leaving abroad can teach us many new things besides gaining invaluable experience.

On that day, we also discussed on planning and designing lesson plan with Pn. Foziah. From the discussion, I realized how important it is to learners. It can give big impact to learners and that’s why we should plan a proper yet effective lesson plans for children. In the discussion, Pn. Foziah highlighted the things that she will look in a lesson plan. One of the most important things in lesson planning is the usage of teaching aids. Teaching aids should be interesting and attractive to engage children to the lesson. Besides, teaching aids should be variety and come from technological and non-technological materials.

Here, I would like to thank Pn. Foziah for everything. I have learned a lot from this course and the knowledge and skills I gained I will apply and use it wisely. This course really prepares me to be a technology savvy teacher in future. Hence, I am grateful to be in this class and looking for more courses that can provide this kind of knowledge and skills for future teachers.