Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Second Lesson

During second class, our lecturer has assigned us to fill in learners’ profile and answering some questionnaires. I have given my cooperation and respond sincerely in answering the questionnaires. The questionnaires that I answered made me realize that how weak I am in ICT skills. I can say that most of the questions I manage to answer level 1 or 2 only. Therefore, I really need help to improve myself in those skills so that I will be able to a 21st century teacher. I am pretty sure that I will be able to equip myself with the skills later with my lecturer’s help through this course.

Besides that, on that day, we were given a group work to work on an article entitle Working with young language learner. We were assigned to work on part 1.1 which is children’s ability to grasp meaning. From what we have read, we have to come out with power point presentation and present it to our friends. Thus, from my reading of the part, I have gained knowledge on how children are able to understand what is being said to them before they understand the individual works. This will be useful to me as I can apply my knowledge in my teaching in future.

On that day, I also have joined Video editing group under Ismail where I hope that I will be able to learn more about video editing and I can apply the skills that I learn in Information Skills course. The skills that I learn will help me in the assignments. I am looking forward for the next class to learn new things.