Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week 11

We are in the eleventh week already. We have a few weeks more to go before the semester ends. I can’t believe that this semester is almost over and we will be in new semester soon. Talking about what we had done in recourses class, we were listening to our friends’ power point presentation on the journals about the use of technology. Upon hearing the presentations, I gained better knowledge and information about the researches done on the topic. Thanks a lot to my friends for giving us such clear and brief presentations about the journals.
After the presentations had done, we were reminded about our deadlines for assignment 2 and assignment 3. Frankly speaking, I have forgotten about the assignments. The same thing happened to my friends. Therefore, we quickly form groups for the assignments and get into our group to discuss about the assignments. In the group, we have divided our tasks equally so that everyone is working for the assignments.
Pn. Foziah was not well on that day. She looked so pale and kept on coughing. I felt really pity for her as she looked so weak. However, she still attended the class for us. I hope that she’s recovering from sickness and getting well soon.